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A leader in stem cell research for the future.
Geron Bio will take the lead.

Advancing Science Through Cell Biology



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Geron Bio Cellular Therapy

With the best technology and excellent research worker,
The future industry, the research and development of cell therapy.
We're setting a milestone.
We've filed and registered a number of patents

related to cellular therapy technology.
It has intellectual property rights, and various international journals.
We are working with researchers who are recognized foreignly.


GMP facility

Research and manufacturing facilities with clinical permission from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Global Development

Promoting global development through overseas networks.

Process development

Based on their own technology,
We're working on a patient-specific treatment project.

stem therapy drugs

Dementia, diabetes, stroke, myocardial infarction,
Treatment of various cell diseases such as liver disease, kidney failure, arthritis.

immune therapy

Using immune cells

directly to treat them,
Activate the patient's immune system.


Natural Brain


By combining short-term incentives with various activities for brain health promotion and life protection, it allows the Korean people to make better decisions about health and life.


Brain health Contents

We focus on preventive management, healthy diet, and healthy exercise habits by customizing various online-based programs, apps, content, and clinics in partnership with professional companies based on users' interests and behavioral patterns through the platform.



Reward Program

Points are paid to various activities within the platform, and the level of activity history is continuous.
Therefore, you can have continuous healthy habits by giving differential incentives.
Use accumulated points to benefit (Buy giftcon, pay utility bills, insurance/deposit payments, It encourages motivation through point sharing conversion, paid content payment, shopping mall payment, etc.)


Block Chain

Blockchain design creates a recognized health information digital resume and future self-care model. Using this, personal health records can be owned and managed by themselves, allowing customized healthcare by sharing only the information needed by the institution you want.



Geron Bio is always accompanied by passionate and professional members.

Through stem cell research, we provide personalized healthcare platforms that improve

various cell damage diseases, develop microbiome immunity through traditional

fermentation food research, and realize preventive and precise medical care based on IT

and BT. As such, the best experts in various fields are cooperating and growing together.



3006 O’Biztower 126 Beolmalro Dongangu Anyangsi Gyeonggido


203 K-Bizrium 445 Heungandaero Dongangu Anyangsi Gyeonggido


Tel.  (031)360-2622
Fax.  (031)360-2623


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