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NK cells

(Natural Killer Celll)

NK cells are immune cells representing the body's

primary defense function (innate immunity).


Since NK cells have various receptors that can recognize abnormal cells,

they detect abnormal cells such as virus-infected cells or cancer cells

by themselves and remove them immediately.


Abnormal even without

specific antigen

Detects cells and kills them directly When NK cells recognize cancer cells,

Immediately without any other activation process

Cells that show cytotoxicity that can eliminate cancer cells


Regulates the immunesystem

acquired immune cells

(dendritic cells, T cells, B cells)

Immunity by inducing activity

It regulates the reaction and inflammatory response.


Proliferation and recurrence

of cancer cells,

Effectively inhibit metastasis

Cancer stem cells

(Cancer Stem Cell, CSC)

Circulatory tumor cells

Excellent removal of (Circulating TumorCell, CTC)


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